Light up your holiday celebrations SAFELY




In recent years, candles have become more popular than ever, and December is the peak season for candle fires. The most important thing to remember about candles is that when youíre burning them, you have an open flame in your office or home. Candle fires reached a 19-year high of 12,540 in 1998, resulting in 157 deaths, 1,106 civilian injuries, and $176.1 million in property damage. The National Candle Association (NCA) states that US consumers spent $2.3 billion on candles in 1999, and that candles are used in seven out of ten US households.

Candle fires account for 2.4% of all fires and result in 6% of total injuries and 3% of all fatalities from fires, according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). These figures have been steadily increasing due to the significant increase in usage of candles. The most startling statistic from the National Fire Incident Reporting System is the fact that nearly 85% of the candle fire incidents were started because of CONSUMER MISUSE of the product. Listed below are some of the categories of IGNITION FACTORS cited by the NFIRS.

Here are some helpful hints when using candles

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