Open Burning

Please Notify Minot Central Dispatch (Minot PD) of your intent to conduct a burn by calling (701) 852-0111 (non-emergency). This will prevent the Fire Department from responding to your fire in the event it is reported by another party. If you need additional hints for conducting your burn please call us at (701) 838-6363.

Below you will find information that can help you in determining conditions suitable for burning. These are merely suggestions and they do not guarantee that a fire will not spread.



First determine the Fire Index for your county (link):
Daily North Dakota Rangeland Fire Danger Statement
Then view some guidelines that pertain to that index level (.pdf):
North Dakota Rural Fire Danger Guide
N.D. Department of Health's Guidelines regarding Open Burning (link):
North Dakota Dept. of Health Open Burning Rules and Regulations
N.D. Department of Health Burning Restrictions (.pdf)
Burning Restrictions
Please see our Services page for additional information.











                  If your fire becomes uncontrollable Call 9-1-1 Immediately!


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