smoke detectorSmoke Detectors

Installing smoke detectors is the smart thing to do. It's also the safe thing to do.

Did you know??

Landlords must install smoke detectors in multiple-dwelling apartment buildings? But it is your responsibility to maintain them!

Most fire deaths occur at home.

Most occur in homes with no working smoke detectors.

So why take a risk? Install smoke detectors! They really do work!

Follow these tips to help save your life & property from fire:

For minimum protection, install a smoke detector outside of each bedroom or sleeping area in your home.

Keep your bedroom doors closed while you are asleep. Better, install detectors on every level of your home.

Keep your smoke detectors properly maintained. Test them once a week to ensure that the detectors are working properly.

Every Spring and Fall when you change your clocks, remember to change your smoke alarm batteries. Use only the type of batteries recommended on the detector.

Develop an escape plan and review the plan with all members of the family frequently. Be aware that children and elderly people may need special assistance should a fire occur. Establish a meeting place outside the house for all members of the family to ensure that everyone gets out safely. When fire occurs, get out of the house and use a neighbor's telephone to notify the Fire Department

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