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Our Mission

The Minot Rural Fire Department will provide superior service to the patrons of the Minot Rural Fire Protection District in an effort to protect their lives, property, and environment. The members of the Department will accomplish the mission through fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, emergency response, and non-emergency response. The Department will maintain the highest level of readiness enabling delivery of fire fighting and emergency rescue services in a safe, competent, and caring manner.

The Minot Rural Fire Department is a volunteer organization governed by the Minot Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors. The Fire Department has a paid Fire Chief and 4 full-time firefighters/inspectors.  We also have a roster of up to 35 volunteer firefighters and 3 dispatchers. The Fire Department has its own executive board comprised of active member firefighters. There are committees that work on projects within the fire dept that report to the fire dept. board at regular monthly meetings. We utilize a two way VHF radio and paging system through our repeater and tower, and we are initially dispatched by Minot Central Dispatch. Our dispatchers also respond to calls and relieve Minot Central Dispatch by manning our base station located within the Minot Rural Fire Department. We respond to structure fires, wildland/grass fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents and various service calls. The Department holds two monthly trainings on the second and last Wednesday of each month. We also conduct a business meeting every month which is held prior to the last Wednesday training. Please see our Schedule page for a calendar of events planned.

Current Term Fire Department Board members are:

President - Darrin Mineke

Vice President - Vacant

Secretary/Treasure,  Stuart Hammer

Director - Kelly Haugan



Rex Weltikol

Asst. Chief

Rob Knuth

Dennis Scott



Darrin Mineke

Company 1

Acct. Lieutenant
Stephen Flanagan

Company 2

Acct. Lieutenant
Chad Filler

Company 3


The Minot Rural Fire Department is a member of or associated with the following:  

North Dakota Firefighter's Association

International Association of Fire Chief's

Mouse River Firemen's Association

North Dakota Fire Chief's Association

North Dakota Fire Prevention Association


The Minot Rural Fire Protection District serves a population of about 5,800 in an area approximately 275 square miles. The District is comprised of residential subdivisions, rural homes and farmsteads and light commercial and industrial developments. US Highways 83 and 2&52 cross through the district. The Burlington Northern/Santa Fe and Canadian Pacific Railroads transport goods through the district. The MRFPD Board of Directors is comprised of elected members representing eight townships. Townships served are: Eureka, McKinley, Harrison, Nedrose, Burt, Afton, Sundre, and Freedom. The Board of Directors meet each month at the Department. They also hold an annual meeting each year in March.


Current Term District Board Members are:
Terry Quinlen, President McKinley Township
Joe Grover, V. President Burt Township
Virginia Schumacher, Sec/Treasurer Afton Township
Ken Volk  Nedrose Township
John Hocking  Sundre Township
Robert Otteson Freedom Township
Paul Laskowski Eureka Township
Todd Koop Harrison Township


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