Apparatus & Equipment

  2009 Truck Build






TANKER 215 Photos at Minot Rural FD December 11th

   TANKER 215 Build Photos from December 2nd

   TANKER 215 Build Photos from November 17th

   TANKER 215 Build Photos from November 10th
   TANKER 215 Build Photos from October-November 2nd



   May 2006 House Burn 

   May 2003 House Burn

   October 2003 Propane Simulator

   October 2003 Propane Simulator



Events & Misc.

    50th Anniversary Open house

    2004 North Dakota State Fair Parade


* typically will not display photos of our fire scenes. We do this in an effort to avoid exploiting another's loss in any way and to maintain a professional relationship with the fire district we serve. Any photos contained within the site are the sole property of and the Minot Rural Fire Department. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.



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